We are Kristy and David, and we create Liquid Nymph

Why does all the bondage out there have to be so serious and boring? It doesn't! It can be elegant, cute and feminine. Liquid Nymph collars and cuffs are inspired by Lolita, Gothic, SteamPunk, Orientalism, Sissy Maids and more. We do it all from start to finish. Want to mix and match the different elements you see? No problem, its like "Build-A-Bondage" let me know what you like. Almost everything can be made with matching cuffs. The shiny leather stuff is real patent leather, is belt weight and genuine cow hide.

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❤️ About us?
We are creators. We love to work with our hands. We make everything that is Liquid Nymph. Kristy also made my own bellydance costumes, custom corsets, and Burningman costumes. David builds household work benches, beehives and other random things Kristy dreams up.

We are both born and raised in San Pedro California, a beautiful beach town about 20 minutes south of Los Angeles. Though Liquid Nymph started over a decade ago, Kristy and David have been building this business as a couple since 2008.

I (Kristy) have been doing Liquid Nymph since 1997! I was all kinds of gothic back then. Since I was only 17, I wasn't old enough to go into stores to buy this kind of stuff and the Internet was limited. I wanted a tall simple posture corset colllar and i couldn't find one. So i went into Tandy Leather (where the Boy Scouts go to make wallets) and with a little help I learned the basics;) Since then my wonderful boyfriend David has joined me and now we create these pieces for you together. He helps with the more labor intensive parts of leather preparation as well as the shipping and book keeping. I do all the design and most of the production.

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❤️ Anyway, that's a little about me. You can visit me at http://www.facebook.com/kristy.kismet if you have any questions. Just let me know you are from Etsy if you wanna be my friend =)
Radiate Love & Light,
Kristy! and David

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